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6 Traps That Make You Eat

6 Traps That Make You Eat

Being aware of common mistakes can decrease the risk of jeopardising your lifestyle changes. Here are the 6 most common traps and how to avoid them.

"I skip meals so I am eating less"

Bad idea! Fluctuating blood sugar levels are likely to leave you grumpy, low on energy and susceptible to cravings for sugary and fatty foods. The body goes into 'starvation mode' and the next thing you eat, it will store.

"As soon as I get stressed my Eating Plan goes out the window"

It's easy to be disciplined about your Eating Plan when things are going well, but very tempting to turn to comfort food and quick energy fixes when under pressure. Controlled sugar levels are required for the production of serotonin, the feel-good hormone that helps to regulate moods and keep you calm. Rather than reach for the favourite stress busters - choose your fruit and crispbreads. Meanwhile deal with the source of stress.

"If I am running late, I tend to bolt my food quickly"

Taking time to chew your food properly and really taste your food triggers the production of salvia, enzymes and gastric juices that break the food down and stimulate the nutrients. If you eat too fast, you will find that you feel bloated and uncomfortable. Eating too quickly will leave you feeling hungry and wanting more, the brain cannot register quickly enough that the stomach has had food, so the desire to eat more is great. Put your knife and fork down between mouthfuls.

"I'm sick of feeling deprived, I need a treat. I'm on holiday, I can eat what I like. I’m too tired or busy or depressed to cook."

Do these sound familiar? If you try hard enough you can find an excuse not to follow your Eating Plan every day of the year! Just remember it is only for a short time, see your food as your medicine. Keep yourself busy. When we sit with nothing to do, we think of what we could eat! Always have the food for the week organised and ready, it makes it so much easier to follow.

"I find the food boring – everything tastes bland"

Use your recipe book to make exciting new meals, don't just steam, boil, fry and grill your food. You are learning a new lifestyle, learn new ways to cook at the same time. Make an effort to be creative when cooking, make cooking an interesting experience not a task.

"I really look forward to my glass of wine at night"

Alcoholic drinks aren't called 'empty calories' for nothing - they provide lots of short-term energy (sugar), but no nutritional value. For most people, a glass of wine at night is a stress releaser and quickly becomes a habit even when there is no stress. Once again, just for a short while, exchange the alcohol for a diet drink in a wine glass.

Pick yourself up and get straight back onto your Eating Plan. You have not failed until you give up!

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