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Great program! Week one down, hopefully only 30 weeks or so to go. I won't lie to you, the first co... more »
- Miss Energy to burn - Perth

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I am a fit and energetic mother of 2 from Christchurch. All my life I have struggled with food. My eating habits have made me not reach my goals year after year. Even although I can exercise and play sport I could never see the weight drop on the scales and I knew it was because of what I ate and when. After 5 days being on my Eating Plan I have lost 3.5kgs and I am so happy and motivated to continue this day after day. I feel great, its amazing how changing your eating habits can help you so much. I am on week 2 now and cant wait until my next weigh in. I am enjoying the food, my family really support me and my partner thinks its great. I am so looking forward to summer this year when I will finally reach my goal.

Source: 29 year old mother of 2 - Christchurch

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