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I just completed my first month on this program and have gone from 85.5kg to 75.5kg. I have a goal o... more »
- Young Lady

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Angles have been sent to me in the form of Dr Cohen and his wonderful team in Melbourne. I have had amazing results in my first week shedding 5kg and 14.5cm. My dream of becoming a mother and living a happy healthy life is looking more realistic every day. Going from 101.4kg to 96.4kg in 1 week is inspiration enough to see me to my goal weight of 62kg. Thank you Dr Cohen and staff. With your help, I know I can finally rid myself of my BIG girl body and soon say hello to my SLIMMER self. Will keep you all updated on my progress in the hopes that it my encourage others to stick to their weight loss dream.

Source: Dreams come true! (Melbourne)

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