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Since I was 13 years of age I have tried every diet there was. I have lost 24kgs in 6 months and do... more »
- Mother of Three Rockhampton

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I am in South Africa at the Pretoria North clinic with Yolande van der Merwe a very great and helpful consultant. I have known about Dr Cohen's Program since 2005 because one of my friends went on it and lost 24kgs in 4 months. After trying friends programs with no success, my husband told me to ordered my own personal Eating Plan and I started in February 2010. I was 1.51 cm and weighted 74.8kg and lost 8.5kg by my first weigh in. My husband, my family and the people at work always compliment me. I must say I am not even half way there but I feel good I have so much energy that I just want to run up and down the stairs.

Thank you Dr Cohen and Yolande and thank you honey for the money!

Source: Harley's mother

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