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I have been on my program for 3 weeks and lost 6kg already! I have tried many other diets as we all ... more »
- 29 year old mother of 2... and wife of 1

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My story starts like many married, had a baby, turned 30....then it all went pear shaped! My body, that is! Tried EVERY diet you could possibly think of and I mean EVERY diet out there!
After weeks turned into months, months turned into years, failed diet after failed diet, I found myself one very unhappy, self loathing person.
Until I found Cohen's. I tried everything else, why not try this? THANK GOODNESS I DID!! After 13 weeks I have lost just under 23kgs (22.7kgs)!
If you are reading this, thinking 'that sounds great, will it work for me?' ABSOLUTELY YES IT WILL! Just do it! I couldn't be happier. On my way to refeed and feeling so much healthier!

Source: Living Again!

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