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Hi everyone, I have been on every fad diet possible and excessively exercised etc. But when I stopp... more »
- WA, 21yrs old female

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Great program! Week one down, hopefully only 30 weeks or so to go. I won't lie to you, the first couple of days were a little hard, I'm a food addict so it was to be expected, but here I am on Day 8 and the energy I have is incredible! My head is clear, I haven't wanted a Nanna nap for over a week and I have an incredible spring in my step. This is working, I can just feel it! I actually don't even WANT chocolate or pasta! Who knew!

If you're thinking about it and you're a little hesitant, don't delay... don't wait until 'after Christmas' or 'after New Year' - by New Years, you could be 20 kilograms lighter.

This one is going to work!

Source: Miss Energy to burn - Perth

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