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Dr Cohen's program certainly works and is definitely way ahead of anything else. Believe me, I have ... more »
- Bill - Hamilton, Australia

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At 107kg I was pathetic! I'd been a fat baby, fat kid, fat bride, fat mother and I just couldn't go on! I had everything going for me in life except a decent body! A friend recommended Cohen's to me and it sounded frightening at first, but look at the results! I lost 5.6kg in the first week! The meals are much smaller than I was used to but then I thought of all the suffering people in the world and told myself to just get over it! After 12 weeks I've lost 22kg! I should reach goal just before Christmas and I cannot wait to see the look on my family's face! They've been waiting a lifetime for this too!

Don't give up! Be a winner and make everyone green with envy!

Source: Geographically isolated mother of two. Western NSW

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