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For me, this 6 month journey was truly life-changing. I lost over 23kgs. More than the weight, I los... more »
- Aditi - Melbourne

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Feel Great! I have only been on the program for 2 days but I already have more energy and find that going to sleep is easy, where before I couldn't sleep until 2am. I know I'm not suppose to weigh myself but I couldn't resist and found that I have lost 2kgs, may be water but hoping its fat :-)I'm so motivated this time round as the first time round I just couldn't do it now I find it so easy and I'm not hungry at all between meals. I will and I can do this. Reading others comments really help me stick to it. I cant wait to buy size 8-10 clothes as I'm a size 16-18 now and show my new body off!! :-)Good Luck everyone.

Source: Mother of 6

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