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When I first went to the clinic I was shocked at the weight I had to loose. I was worried it was too... more »
- Converted (Victoria)

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Hi everyone,
I have been on every fad diet possible and excessively exercised etc. But when I stopped working full time and started full time study, I stacked all the weight I previously had lost back on. So I went to sureslim that didn't work, but then I decided to give this a go. It's great, in my first week I lost 5.6kils and second week I'd lost a total of 7.4kilos. It's a great program, I'd recommend it to anyone! If your are thinking about starting this program, DO IT! I'm coming up to my third week and I can't wait to get onto the scales. Good luck to everyone else who is on or going to try this program.

Source: WA, 21yrs old female

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