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Hi. My first week had its ups and downs and temptations, but I fought through them with a goal in mi... more »
- Mum of 2 (from Adelaide)

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I completed the Lifestyle program in January after loosing 21 kilograms in 13 weeks. Then in February I severely damaged my back and spent 3 weeks in and out of hospital. Things started to slide downhill from there and needless to say I put 9 kilograms back on. Last week I made the decision that I do not want to be the old me again so today is day 1 of my second try. I loved how I felt and looked after completing the program last time so I am keeping that in mind to help me through this time. I read the testimonials to keep me motivated and to remind me that if others can I can too!! Congratulations and good luck to everyone who has just started, is half way through or has completed the program!!

Source: 2nd Chance (WA)

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