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In my first 3 days, I have so far lost 2.4 kg. I'm wrapped, as I've tried every diet under the sun ... more »
- Mother of Two (Bunya)

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Thank you to all those people who have left their testimonial, it was these that made me believe that I could do this. I have just had my 4 week weigh in and have lost 11.5 kilograms (which only leaves 24.5 kilograms to go). I started 3 weeks before Christmas and everyone said that I should just wait till after, but I thought to myself, that I would rather be 10 kilograms lighter on Christmas day than eat pudding and pavlova! It is not hard after the first week because you just need to stand in front of a mirror and see your reflection. It will bring a smile to your face everyday and those evil thoughts will quickly disappear. Thank you to all for your inspiration.

Source: Mum of two young children (Geelong)

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