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I am nearing the end of the program having lost my goal of 14kg. It's been 12 long weeks but well wo... more »
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I have been on the program for only 11 days, and I am so mega motivated! I lost 4.2 kilograms in the first week, and 13 centimetres. Already, I can see my skin adjusting, and becoming a little loose (which I know the HGH will fix in time), and my clothes are already looser! I do not care how long it takes, I am not going to prolong it further by not doing this properly. I will do this 100%. I am keeping a journal each day of how I feel, it is on my computer. Anyway, looking forward to losing my first 10 kilograms! Will have another 30 kilograms to go, but I think the first 10 will be the hardest! Thanks Michele for your help and motivation!

Source: Young Wife (Canberra)

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