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I started at my highest weight ever of 97.5kgs and am now down to 84.4kgs...have had a few hiccups a... more »
- Wife and Mum of 2 - Ellenbrook WA

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Early in October 2005, I started the program, with 15 kgs to lose. Amazingly, despite Christmas, I achieved this in 19 weeks. Although at first glance,it seemed very restrictive, I was pleasantly surprised to find that the amount of food satisfied me and I did not experience hunger or cravings which usually lead to the downfall of "diets". I found it to be the easiest, fastest and most successful weight loss attempt I have ever done in nearly 30 years of experience. Seeing others succeed on this program is what gave me hope again, experiencing the program showed me why I always used to regain weight and how I can stop it happening again.

Source: 59 year old serial dieter (Adelaide)

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