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4 days to the 8 week mark already I have dropped 18.3kg. I am 300g under 100kg and sooo excited, sti... more »
- Wife In Perth

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Coming up to my first month weigh in I expected to lose 5kg, hoped for 7kg and dared to dream of losing 10kg. Well I almost fell off the scales when they displayed a loss of 12.3kg!!!! In ONLY ONE MONTH! I FEEL SO GREAT! The fat melting away is almost an added bonus to the awesome sense of wellbeing I feel (Ok, I did say ALMOST). This is such an amazing program and with the fabulous support from Kelly and the girls at Dee Why I know I'll achieve my goal in record time! Thanks Dr Cohen, I feel very privileged to benefit from all your hard work.

Source: Shoe Gal (Sydney)

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